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Glynis Nails, Rushden, For the Best Service and Quality

Backscratchers Nails

                                                                 Glynis Nails

Why Choose Backscratchers Nails Fibreglass System? They invented the fibreglass system! Backscratchers nails in Fibreglass are much more natural looking than regular acrylic nails.

Here are some of the features & benefits of Glass Glaze Fibreglass System…..

  • Indistinguishable From Nature’s Own
  • Strong
  • Light
  • Healthier, PH Balanced
  • Encourages Nails to Grow
  • Does Not Dehydrate The Natural Nails
  • Product Is Non Porous
  • Inhibits Bacterial Growth
  • Non-Toxic, Pleasant Fragrance
  • Clear, Never Discolour
  • Never Becomes Brittle
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Resistant To Temperature Changes
  • Minimal Filing And Buffing
  • No Lifting, No Ridge Created As Nails Grow

Your new Backscratchers Nails can be left natural or polished with OPI polish or Gelish or OPI GelColor Gel Polish. At Glynis Nails repairs to natural nails are also available using Backscratchers.

Backscratchers Nails

Backscratchers Nails

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